The Next Day: Our Assessment of the New iPad Pro

One of the most controversial (and thinnest) products Apple has produced in recent memory is the iPad Pro. Indeed, it is a very remarkable technical achievement that is smaller than an iPod nano.

With its most recent flagship tablet, Apple managed to include a "tandem" OLED panel and a new M4 chip.  Compared to the previous iPad Pro, the new OLED allows for increased brightness and better HDR performance; the standard screen brightness is up to 1,000 nits, whereas the previous model's brightness was just 600 nits.

  • It is both really strong and exquisite. However, because of its cutting-edge technology, it is now more expensive than ever, making it unaffordable for most people and competing with premium laptops on price. 

  • The iPad Pro lineup has always been about showcasing the absolute best that Apple has to offer, as Nathan Ingraham notes in his review, but this one is absolutely uncompromising.

  • There is the new iPad Air for the rest of us.  The company's most recent AI goals will be unveiled at Google I/O's major keynote later today. Later today, we will be reporting live.


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