iPad Air 2024 review: This is the iPad to buy.

My heart wants Apple's iPad Pro, but my intellect and finances know otherwise.

Does it make sense to spend over $1,000 on a tablet with iPadOS's restrictions compared to a Mac or Windows PC? The iPad Pro M4 is beautiful and pricey. The iPad Air is easier to evaluate. Since its 2020 redesign, the Air has had a similar form factor to the Pro, with some differences.

  • However, the Air is a clear increase over the standard iPad, appealing to someone like me who loves its greater screen, CPU, multitasking, and accessories. 

  • New iPad Air features are easy to summarize this year. The M2 chip is quicker than the M1, it works with the new Apple Pencil Pro, the front camera is now landscape, and it starts with 128GB of storage (twice the previous model) for $599. Since the last iPad Air was two years ago, these changes are expected. Apple is also introducing the first 13-inch iPad without the “pro” label and prices with the 2024 iPad Air. A 13-inch Air costs $799, $500 less than a comparable iPad Pro. The $1,249 model I tested had 512GB storage and 5G.

  • I have never considered a 13-inch iPad Pro. Apart from the price, I find the iPad's size and weight awkward to operate. When in a keyboard dock, the larger screen is better for multitasking, but I want my iPad to be simple to carry for leisure work, gaming, movies, and other tablet uses. My iPad is a 2020 11-inch Pro, thus I am a good candidate for the iPad Air.

  • After evaluating the 13-inch Air, I am considering making my first big tablet purchase. My explanation is that the 13-inch iPad Air weighs less than its predecessor, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Tablets traditionally weighed 1.5 pounds, but the Air weighs 1.36.

  • That may not seem like much, but it is made me feel more comfortable using the Air as a tablet instead of a keyboard case. I still find it clunky and heavier and thicker than the new 13-inch iPad Pro. The iPad Air is $500 cheaper, therefore I will make a compromise.


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