Apple's 10th-gen iPad drops to $334.

New M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air change everything at Apple. The business discontinued the ninth-generation iPad and lowered the 10th-generation model to $349.

Amazon has Apple's 10th-gen iPad for $334, which is even better. The deal lowers Apple's 64GB base model to a record low.

  1. Apple's cheapest iPad is the 10th-gen, which is solid. We scored it an 85 in our 2022 review due to changes such a USB-C charging connection and a redesign that made it more resemble the iPad Air.

  2. Its landscape-mode front-facing camera lets you join video calls without seeming weird on others' screens.  Apple's most cheap iPad has a 10-hour battery estimate but lasted 11 hours and 45 minutes for us when playing an iTunes movie.

  3. Gaming or other intensive use would diminish its battery life. This iPad's screen is 10.9 inches, up from 10.2 inches. Plus, it has an A14 chip (like an iPhone 12).


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